Trickle Charging a Shorai LFX Battery

We are often asked how to maintain a Shorai LFX battery off-season. By far the best method is to purchase a Shorai Charge/Store Battery Management System, hook it up, and forget about it. Shorai's Battery Management System will monitor, diagnose, and balance each cell in the battery for optimal performance.

Lead-Acid chargers/tenders may be used however, provided that the unit DOES NOT have a "desulfation" or "activation" mode which may not be disabled. For our customers' convenience we are publishing a list of lead-acid chargers which are believed to conform to this requirement.

DISCLAIMER: While we do our best to maintain this list's accuracy, it should be viewed as a convenience only and may not be 100% accurate. Always verify with the charger/tender manufacturer that it has no automatic desulfation/activation mode prior to using the charger/tender with a Shorai LFX battery.
Black's Corners Tire will not be held responsible should a customer damage a Shorai LFX battery by using an inappropriate charger/tender.

Further information regarding charging Shorai LFX batteries may be found at Shorai's FAQ.