Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell used tires?

No. All tires which are removed from customers' bikes are either recycled under the Ontario Tire Stewardship program or are returned to the customer.

Can I provide my own tires?

Yes, you may provide your own new or used tires so long as they are in reasonable condition. The installation of tires which have any visible damage will be refused. This includes, but is not limited to: cracks, tears, blisters, bulges, and distortions. Tires which are intended for street use must not be worn flush with the tire wear indicator bars at center tread, and/or measure no less than 1.5mm at center tread.

Do you sell car and/or light truck tires?

No. For local sales & installation of automobile & light truck tires we recommend contacting Beckwith Auto Center at 613-257-1861 or Hank's Tire Supply at 613-257-1162.

Do you perform Ontario Ministry of Transportation safety checks on motorcycles?

No. Although not all are comfortable doing so, any licenced automotive mechanic can perform this service. If there are no motorcycle service shops in convenient reach of where you hang your helmet, we recommend that you reach out to your favorite local automotive repair shops and ask (donít just show up with the bike!).

I drove by the shop a few times and your sign said Closed. I called and no one answered. Are you still in business?

Not only are we a part time shop, but the demand for our services is seasonal and we adjust our operating hours accordingly. Our current business hours are always posted in the "About" section of our Facebook page, and on our web site.

I feel like my calls always go to voicemail. Why don't you answer the telephone more often?

If you are calling during business hours, be aware that during the riding season the demand for our services is very high and our hands are rarely idle. It is simply not always possible to drop the task at hand and tend to a ringing telephone. If you are calling outside of business hours there is no guarantee that we will be in a position to answer your call. If you are having trouble getting a hold of us, consider leaving a detailed voice message, sending us an email or sending us a text message and we will respond at our earliest opportunity.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, personal cheque, and Interac e-Transfer (via online banking). We DO NOT accept third-party cheques, debit cards, credit cards, or BitCoin.

What do you mean you don't accept credit or debit cards?

In order to bring the best tire prices that we can, we aim for minimal mark-up and minimal operating expenses. The fees involved in accepting card-based payments are a mix of transaction fees, card terminal purchase or leasing fees, PCI compliance fees, annual service provider fees, monthly account maintenance fees, network fees, and various incidental fees. Eliminating these substantial fees from our overhead helps us maintain true to our goal of providing you, the rider, with an economical source for name-brand fresh rubber.

I am paying in cash. There's no tax, right?

Wrong. Regardless of the method of payment, 5% federal and 8% provincial HST will be applied to all goods and services which we provide. Indigenous peoples who present a valid Certificate of Indian Status at the time of sale will be exempted from the 8% provincial HST. Indigenous peoples are not exempt from the 5% federal HST, as per Canada Revenue Agency and Ontario Ministry of Finance regulations.