For a variety fo reasons as of 2018 we no longer offer ride-in or trailer-in service appointments. Tire installations are provided for carry-in of loose wheels only.
This was not an easy decision to make, and we sincerely regret the impact this will have upon many of our regular customers. By continuing to offer carry-in tire installation & low parts prices however, we can at least serve a small part of the riding community rather than closing our doors completely.
It's that time of year again, please note that the shop will be closed from June 14th to July 3rd inclusive while we enjoy some much needed ride time of our own.
Any customers rides and/or parts which have not been picked up by the evening of Tuesday June 13th will be safe but inaccessible until our return.
Please refrain from having any tires or other parts shipped to the shop during this time. As we cannot guarantee secure receipt of deliveries.
Since our opening in 2010, access to the shop was provided by a lane way which was a mix of asphalt and coarse gravel. The gravel has always made some riders uncomfortable, stuck to new tires, and posed other domestic challenges.

We are happy to say that the gravel is no more!

We have been advised by Alvi Paving that the asphalt will need a minimum of 7-10 days to fully harden. During this period we will be available for off-bike tire changes only. Barricades which restrict assess to the new asphalt will be in place during this period. Please help us protect our investment by respecting the barricades - do not drive over, around, or through them. Someone will be available to help walk wheels between the shop and your vehicle, all you have to do is ask. Thank you for your co-operation!
Better late than never, expanded business hours will be in effect as of tomorrow and carry through to the end of September. This year we are able to bring you: Please note that we are closed on all long weekends.

Ride safe everyone!
A quick heads-up to all our customers, new and old -

While we normally extend our operating hours every April 1, due to external factors we must delay the change this year. For the time being we are restricted to:
We are as itching to get in to full swing as most riders are at this time of year. Please be patient, and we will let everyone know as soon as we are able to go in to "spring/summer mode".
Please note that the shop will be closed May 21-23 inclusive. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Welcome to spring ... ? It sure doesn't feel like spring out there this morning. In any case, summer business hours are now in effect, with a slight expansion over last year. From now though September we will be open:

* Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 2pm-7pm;
* Thursday, Friday: by appointment only;
* Saturday: 9am-12pm;
* Sunday: closed

No appointment is required for off-bike tire changes during regular business hours. Appointments are required for ride-in service at all times - advance booking for ride-in service is highly recommended.

Think warm thoughts!
If you run studded tires, please consider removing all studs before bringing your wheels to us. Your old tires cannot be recycled with studs installed, and it takes an additional 30-45min per pair of tires for us to remove them. Help us continue to bring you low installation costs by removing all studs before your visit. Thanks!
If you, like a steadily growing number of riders in Ontario, are frustrated by the ever increasing costs of motorcycle insurance, consider joining the Facebook group Riders for Better Rates (Ontario). From the group's current description:
This group is determined to start a movement to get Government Legislation to lower our rates and start our own Co-op Motorcycle Insurance company. This is the first step in our journey to a fair and reasonable insurance program to protect ourselves and our joy.
Strength in numbers, folks. Mobilizing en-mass stands a much better chance of bringing about change than grumbling to your friends at Tim Horton's.

Click here to visit the group's page.
Due to renovations we will be closed on September 14-15, 2015 (inclusive). It will be a lot of dirty work, but the end result will be an improvement to our facilities, particularly when it comes to servicing large cruisers & heavy touring bikes.
Please note that the shop will be closed on Labour Day, Monday September 7, 2015. Ride safe everyone!
Pro Tip: when parking your motorcycle on an incline, park with the bike facing uphill, transmission in first gear, with the front wheel turned toward the side stand.

While this may seem obvious to some, we encounter many riders each season who park their bike in neutral on a slope and are surprised to find that their side stand has left a skid mark on the ground and their bike is not quite where they left it.
...and we're back. Please be patient while we work our way through the long queue of enquiries which we received while we were away. We will respond to all messages in the order in which they were received.
Vacation Notice: the shop will be closed from June 12-22 while we embark on a much-needed vacation. We regret any inconvenience which this may cause, however we need saddle time as much as any other rider does. Any customers' rides and/or parts orders which have not been picked up by the evening of June 11 will be unavailable until we re-open. We ask that our customers also refrain from dropping-off vehicles or having online purchases shipped to us during this period. Thanks, and keep the shiny side up!
Please note that the shop will be closed on Saturday May 30 while we particpate in the Ottawa Motorcycle Ride for Dad. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Business hours update - we are now open for business all year 'round on Mondays 11am-7pm. Refer to the main menu for our complete hours of operation.
Vacation Notice: the shop will be closed from August 2-24 while we embark on a much-needed vacation. We regret any inconvenience which this may cause, however we need saddle time as much as any other rider does. Any customers' rides and/or parts orders which have not been picked up by the evening of August 1 will be unavailable until we re-open. We ask that our customers also refrain from dropping-off vehicles or having online purchases shipped to us during this period. Thanks, and keep the shiny side up!
Friendly reminder - riding season is in full swing, and we are correspondingly busy. While we can often squeeze off-bike tire changes in to our schedule at the last minute, for ride-in tire changes and other services we are routinely pre-booked by 7-10 days. For minimal down time, we recommend that our customers plan ahead for their service needs whenever possible.

Thanks all for your continued support, and keep the shiney side up!
Please note that we will be closed for the Labour Day long weekend for some family R&R. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Shorai LFX Battery Spring Special!

From now until until Friday April 26, all Shorai products are discounted 10% below our regular price. Discount applies to all in-stock models and any orders placed before April 26. Get 'em while they're hot!
Summer hours are now in effect. Until the end of September we are open each Monday 11am-7pm, and available by appointment Tuesday through Friday evenings, Saturday, Sunday, and most holidays. Here's to the start of another riding season!
A petition to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation is in the works, to allow motorcycles with single passengers to use High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes in the province. A protest ride is planned for spring 2013 at the end of which the petition will be presented to the Minister of Transportation. More information at Motorcycle Mojo Magazine.
Overnight events leave me feeling obligated to write this, and I do so with a mix of disappointment and irritation, however this is as good a time as any to raise a point concerning tire recycling in Ontario -

Registered Collectors under the Ontario Tire Stewardship Program have no obligation to handle tires for vehicles which their business does not normally service. Our participation in the program is contingent upon this - we neither have the larger storage facilities required for automotive tires nor do we have any intention of building them.

The dumping of automotive tires at our shop is prohibited at all times, and such actions will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law whenever possible.

For automotive and light truck tire recycling, please see Canadian Tire at the corner of Highway 7 and McNeely Ave. Canadian Tire will accept drop-offs of up to four tires at no charge.
Black's Corners Tire is excited to announce the addition of Pit Bull Motorcycle Stands and Accessories to our product line-up!

Pit Bull motorcycle stands feature stability, ease of use, and ruggedness. Each motorcycle stand is made of high-grade steel using state of the art equipment, hand TIG welded and zinc plated to protect them from the elements. Our motorcycle stands are adjustable to fit virtually all major sport bikes. Interchangeable pins, spools, and top supports let you upgrade your stand or adapt it as you change and add bikes. This is THE motorcycle stand to own.

For more information and a full product listing, drop us a line of visit Pit Bull's web site.
We will be closed on Sunday June 24th while we take part in Carleton Place's Wheels On The Mississippi car and motorcycle show. Stop by to see a great display of motorcycles and cars of all shapes and sizes, and of course stick your head in our booth and say "hi".
We are happy to announce that Black's Corners Tire has recently signed-on with Trans Can Imports in order to provide our customers with a large assortment of parts, accessories, and essentials. Bridgestone & Dunlop tires, EBC brake pads, RK drive chains, and much, much more. Check out Trans Can Imports' catalogs at the above link to see what's available, and contact us for pricing and availability.
Our e-mail address is changing!

Please update your contact list(s) to use blackscornerstire at gmail dot com - our old address will be retired soon. Thanks.
New Product: We are now a dealer for Dimple Motor Oil Magnets. Dimple makes the world's strongest magnetic oil drain plugs, prolonging engine life by capturing ferrous particles which are too small to be removed by the engine's oil filter. Drain plugs for many metric motorcycles are in stock now!
Black's Corners Tire will be closed from May 5th to May 13th inclusive. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
For your convenience, we now accept Interac e-Transfer and PayPal payments for invoices over $150 (excluding HST).
New summer hours: from April through September we will be open from 11am to 7pm every Monday.
Black's Corners Tire is excited to be able to add Shorai LFX batteries and chargers to our product line-up. Shorai LFX batteries contain Lithium Iron prismatic cells, and provide an environmentally friendly battery which is lighter, stronger, and longer-lasting than conventional lead-acid powersport batteries.
Black's Corners Tire is happy to announce that we are now authorized retailers of Dyna Beads. Dyna Beads are a dynamic balancing solution which continuously balances your tires while you ride, resulting in a smooth ride, longer tire life, and without visible spoke or wheel weights. Please contact us for details.
Please note that on Friday August 26th the shop will be open for drop-ins between 3pm and 7pm only. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Due to unforeseen events we will be closed on Friday, July 8th. Sorry for any inconvenience.
New summer hours: from the first weekend in May through to the last weekend in August, we are now open Fridays from 11am to 7pm. Feel free to drop in during the day, or leave your ride with us Thursday evening and have it ready for the weekend.
Black's Corners Tire will be closed on Monday May 23rd. Enjoy the long weekend everyone!
Please note that due to a scheduled power outage, our main web site will be down and the shop will be closed on Sunday March 6, from approximately 7am-11am. If you need to reach us during this period please call or e-mail.
Black's Corners Tire would like to wish all of our clients a Happy New Year, and extend to each of you our thanks for helping make our opening year a wonderful success.
Black's Corners Tire opens for business, just in time for the 2010 riding season.